Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy....what day is it again?

From CrossWind Photos
In the continued spirit of holidays we do not ever celebrate, we have January 1.

January 1 is the Name of Jesus, because it is eight days after Christmas day, and as a good Jewish baby Jesus would have been named and circumcised on the eighth day (see Luke 2:21).

In the Roman Catholic tradition, today is now celebrated as Mary, the Mother of God, although the readings seem to be the same, so the difference appears to be slight. Though it sounds a little odd to many Lutheran ears, "Mother of God" is an ancient title for Mary that is shared by Catholic and Protestant traditions. The idea is to emphasize the divinity of Jesus--so as she was the mother of Jesus, and Jesus is fully God, so Mary is the mother of God.

Or, if you really want to celebrate New Year's, I offer you this litany in Spanish. I can't quite follow all of it, but it sure looks cool. (And you get to say "¡Aleluya!", which has one of those awesome upside-down exclamation marks.)
~Pastor Sarah

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