Thursday, March 26, 2009

Prayers: Weather-related

I'm really trying not to complain about the weather, despite the fact that it is snowing again, which is getting to be irritating.

However, I think it's appropriate (and rather obvious) to pray for our neighbors to the north and west, especially around the Red River. They don't seem to be getting a lot of breaks right now. I don't personally know anyone who lives out that direction, but a lot of folks do. Not only are they dealing with flooding and threats of flooding, but they also have to put up with people asking "why would anyone choose to live there?", which seems like a good question if you're far removed from the situation, but for those who live there, it has to be enormously frustrating.

This is also a good time to say an extra prayer for people who experience varying degrees of seasonal affective disorder. For most of us, the extended grayness is just mildly discouraging, but for some people, it is more serious.
~Pastor Sarah

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