Monday, January 5, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Today is either the twelfth day of Christmas, or the eleventh, depending on how you count. Tomorrow is Epiphany, when I suppose it would be more appropriate to say "Happy Epiphany", so that makes today the last official day for saying "Merry Christmas!"

Aside from a desire to be contrary, there is actually some point to my insistence on keeping all twelve days. The incarnation is far too big to be celebrated in just one day! When we remember the full Christmas season, we at least make a token nod in that direction. (That there are twelve days is probably significant. The number twelve recalls the twelve disciples or the 12 tribes of Israel, and so has implications of completion or wholeness.) That it's enormously entertaining to go around saying "Merry Christmas" in the first week in January is not insignificant (festivals are meant to be enjoyed), but it isn't actually my primary motive.

So yes, I did say "Merry Christmas" in church yesterday (both of them).
~Pastor Sarah

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